Music & Worship


(Blended Service)

Following the example of the early Church in Acts 2:42, we endeavor to guide the Cornerstone Bible Church congregation in full-hearted devotion to the living God reveled in Jesus Christ the Lord blended with a passionate commitment to Him.  Our primary objective is to glorify God (1 Corinthians 10:31).

The promotion of Godly worship is our goal.  That means that we want to experience an awareness of God's holy presence:  The Father exalted; the Son lifted up and the Spirit bringing fresh expressions of freedom.  A tip-toe expectancy and awe-inspiring delight, mixed with a mysterious sense of the fear of Almighty God should characterize our worship.  As we are sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit, our worship will be fresh and alive in an atmosphere void of tension where warmth and friendliness prevail.

In the promotion of Godly worship, our goals of church music are worship and fellowship (Ephesians 5:19-20), teaching and training (Colossians 3:16)  and evangelism (Acts 16:25).  Godly worship should also be songs of rejoicing.  "Behold, my servant shall sing for joy of heart" (Isaiah 65:14).  "O sing unto the Lord a new song; sing unto the LORD, all the earth.  Sing unto the LORD, bless His name; show His salvation from day to day" (Psalm 96:1-2).  What is the content of the song of rejoicing?  It is the Lord and His qualities - His holiness in Psalm 30:4; His power and mercy in Psalm 56:16; the honor of His name in Psalm 66:2 and His mercy and faithfulness in Psalm 89:1.

When should we rejoice with such content?  David did so alone in the field according to 2 Samuel and the Psalms and a hymn of praise to God was sung with others according to Acts 16:25 and Matthew 26:30.  We will rejoice through congregational music which is suggested in Colossians 3:16.

Godly worship should be sung, "with grace in your hearts to the Lord" (Colossians 3:16).  We should sing with the grace of God supplied by the Holy Spirit.  Therefore, Godly worship is to God for the purpose of glorifying Him, not a display of one's voice, musical technique, equipment or "big sound."


1.  The music ministries of Cornerstone Bible Church will be under the supervision of the pastor and worship leader.  Our scriptural goal should be Colossians. 3:16:  "Teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your heart to the Lord."

2.  John 4:24:  "God is Spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and truth."  This would imply that Godly worship has no place for an unsaved musician. Worship rises from the new nature not from the old one.

3.  All musicians must choose their music with the service emphasis in mind.

4.  The Sunday morning worship will be blended in nature as pointed out in Colossians 3:16.

Worship leader, teams and musicians must keep the purpose of sacred music in mind as they minister.  The purpose of sacred music is taught in Ephesians 5:19.  One of the evidences of being Spirit filled is a song in the heart.  Two phrases give insight into the purpose of sacred music:  "Speaking to yourselves" and "singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord."  Since "yourselves" is plural, the word implies speaking to one another through psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.  Since "in your heart" is singular, the word implies personal praise.  Therefore, sacred music should minister to both the musician and the listener.  Colossians 3:16 emphaszes the same truths.  Sacred music is viewed as teaching and admonishing others while expressing personal thanksgiving from the musician's heart  Since music is viewed as teaching, the worship leader must be careful as to the number of new songs taught to the congregation at any given service.  Our purpose is to lead in worship as they participate in worship.

Since secular music does not fit our objective, please do not use it at any worship service.  The exception to this will be patriotic music.  This must be cleared by the pastor.

GUIDELINES FOR DRESS:  2 Corinthians 5:20 teaches that we believers are "ambassadors for Christ."  Since we represent Him, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, it is important how we dress as we lead others in worship.  Our purpose is not to display the flesh, but to display Christ (Colossians 3:23-24).